PV Solar Greenhouses


PV Solar Greenhouses

The Agrocon Greenhouses have been designed to provide the right light levels to your plants throughout the year. Our greenhouse has been carefully designed to provide the optimise greenhouse environment.

For growers it’s an ideal way of taking advantage of the warm climate and grow in a cost-effective way.

Solar power is a vast, free and renewable resource that can be used to produce electricity.  Solar-generated electricity produces no greenhouse gases or emissions of any kind.  Solar energy is a commercially-proven, rapidly growing form of electricity generation.  There are numerous advantages to using the sun to produce electricity.

Bio active foliar silicic and boric acid / AB Orange , AB Green and AB Yellow WHY? Arguments:

1. Plants need silicic acid and not ‘silicon’;
2. Transformation from silicates / SiO2 into (mono) silicic acid is a (very) limited process;
3. Mono silicic acid is a very instable molecule with high tendency to aggregate / polymerize;
4. Result: (very) low concentration of (mono) silicic acid, to low for the plant;
5. Due to crop removal (harvesting) each year substantial amounts of ‘silicon’ are removed with the straw.

Why foliar spray?

So far all results were obtained with silicates in the soil uptake via the roots. Since 1995 the use of silicon creams for humans appeared to be effective. Based on this dermal application principle a silicon spray was designed for plants. First test with foliar silicic acid started in 2000 showing spectacular effects: healthier plants.

2003: the combination of silicic/boric spray is more effective than silicic spray alone.

AB Orange , AB Green and AB Yellow are a very effective leaf fertilizer: healthy plants, less infections, higher tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, higher yield, less postharvest losses.

This new silicic acid agro technology (SAAT) is easy to apply:
- is cost-effective,
- safe and eco friendly
- less pesticides needed (at least 60%)
- Improves nutrient uptake via roots.
- Improves plant growth and development.
Larger plants, more biomass
- More chlorophyll
- Higher yield
- Improved seedquality
- Lower post harvest food losses


Photovoltaic Pannels


Agrocon delivers on grid photovoltaic kits consisting of: Canadian Solar pv panels ClearPower CS6-250P (250w), inverter KStar Omega (Taiwan), system installation on the roof ClickFit (Germany).



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