Water Management in Agricultural Greenhouses, Drip Irrigation System, UV-C Treatment


Water Management in Agricultural Greenhouses
Increased regulations governing agricultural water runoff, plus nutrient input costs have made it critical to manage a water system efficiently and effectively.  Both the quality and quantity of water are critical to the successful production of plants in a greenhouse or nursery.

Agrocon Greenhouse customized systems will deliver clean water in the most effective way.  We will make sure your recycled water is clean, disease-free and of optimum quality for your crops. A customized water system may include:
- Flood and bench irrigation system;
- Warm water irrigation system;
- Constant pressure systems;
- Water treatment and runoff control systems.

Drip Irrigation System
The pumping unit is the heart of the irrigation installation - EC pre-control, frequency-controlled system pumps, automatically flushed filters - just a small selection of the wide range of options we can offer. We can advise you on the best choice of dripper for your requirements, installs complete ebb- and flow systems for all types of crop floors, tables and roll containers, high pressure humidification (80 to105bar)

High Pressure humidification 80 to 105bar
This system keeps plant cuttings moist and helps control humidity since the fine mist tends to evaporate. The mist also cools down the indoor temperature of the greenhouse.

UV-C treatment
Ultraviolet radiation (250 mJ / cm ) similar to that emitted by the sun, but more powerful, alter DNA viruses, bacteria or parasites so that they can not reproduce is considered inactive. Radiaţia UV nu afectează calitatea apei din punct de vedere chimic.UV radiation does not affect water quality chemically.

Short-wave ultraviolet oxidation reactions initiate the chloramines that destroy without using other chemicals.

Gutter Components & Accessories Agrocon Greenhouse have been offering their services as total horticultural project for years. Our complete package includes electrical engineering, irrigation technology, growlights, screen installations. 


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