Experience: 800 hectares of greenhouses in Europa


       "We built greenhouses everywhere in Europe."

       Most of them are built in Belgium, Netherland, Germany, France and Austria, but in recent years we have built in Eastern countries, including Romania. We have adapted the prices to be competitive in the Eastern markets, but WE DON'T DO the REBATE MATERIALS and TECHNOLOGY.

     The price per square foot greenhouse built is variable depending on the facilities starting from 18 euro/sqm. Besides taking into consideration and use of greenhouses used, dismantled and moved to new locations. In these situations the prices decrease with up to 6-8%, but the protection (shielding systems and glazing), fixing elements and foundations is always new.

Greenhouses mounts and installs with poles and Dutch workers, and lately we use and labor force in Romania, after the preliminary training of 6 weeks in the factory in Belgium.

Irrigation systems, heating and shielding can adapt and be mounted later on, in stages, with the signing of plants which require certain conditions.


Since 2005 we build GREENHOUSES in Romania


Office in Romania is in its course but it is not an impediment in development collaborations with our partners in Romania. A whole series of contracts are in progress in Romania and were completed successfully since 2005 to today. Representatives of Agrocon BVBA are very often in the country to coordinate the works and for meetings with clients.