Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering

We can look after the design and execution of all the electro-technological installations.

Climate computers

We can automate the most complex of processes for you. Starting with standard ventilation and/or mixing group control right up to... well, there really is no limit. We can automate any installation in existence - if not with one of the many standard controls available, then with a customised one.

 The software meets the latest requirements in energy management and climate control.

Greenhouse cooling

After heating, cooling is probably the next most important piece of greenhouse equipment. If you want to grow indoors during the summer, you are going to need a way to keep the temperature inside at a reasonable level.


Greenhouses have increased in size over past years, with seeming advantages such as climate buffers. The most frequently used ventilation systems are installed high up and simply move air horizontally, with no air movement towards the bottom though. A Verti-Fan installation aims to create a vertical air movement, without creating too much turbulence, which would result in plant stress, as too much air movement can be detrimental to plants.

The upwards air movement along the plant results in improved CO2 absorption, activating plants. The plant also stays drier, reducing the risk of mould formation. 

Assimilation Lighting

Supplemental grow lighting is can be an important piece of greenhouse equipment depending on what and when you are growing. But don’t worry, because Agrocon has a huge selection of the very best grow light  and fixtures for your needs.


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