Contact Details


Mr. Viorel IONESCU
Regional Manager
(Romania & Republica Moldova)
Mobil: 0040-745-567.321 (Orange Romania)

Mr. Frans van BERGEN
Project Manager East Europe

Mobil: 0032-475-763.371

Dorpsstraat 79 B1
2960 Sint-Lenaarts (Brecht)
Mobil: 0040-0475-763371
Tel:  0030-3-313 84 88
Fax: 0032-3-313 84 89
Fortis Bank nr 220.0383802-09


Since 2005 we build GREENHOUSES in Romania

Office in Romania is in its course but it is not an impediment in development collaborations with our partners in Romania. A whole series of contracts are in progress in Romania and were completed successfully since 2005 to today. Representatives of Agrocon BVBA are very often in the country to coordinate the works and for meetings with clients.

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